Social Media Profiling

Identity influencer in your customer database.

Do you have customers and prospects with thousands of followers on social networks without knowing it?

Using /data.mill you can find out influencers for efficient social media marketing.

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Note: /data.mill social media profiling works according to a 2-step process. If a social media profile has never been searched, it can take up to 24 hours to collect all information. Once the data is available, a result can be returned in real time. The results are cached for 3 months. When a profile is queried again, the data is updated in background.

Discover common interests

Common interests can quickly turn a personal conversation into a positive direction and thus significantly increase the chances of an acquisition.

Recognize influencer

Recognize influencer and use their influence in social media networks to report positively on your company, product and service.

Learn more about your customers

Use the information from social networks to get a more accurate picture of the person behind a record.


Combine the social media profiling with other features of the /data.mill technology and experience your customers from a new angle.

Use Case


The /data.mill function to enrich customer data with information from social networks allows your customers to advertise your brand.

Many information are publicly available in social networks, but can usually only be researched with a high manual and time-consuming effort. The function finds out in which social network a person is active and how active (number of followers, posts, ...) he is.

Publicly accessible information on the place, education or career can also be of interest. For all this information, /data.mill needs only the email address.

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