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Integrate /data.mill into your Microsoft Access-based applications or use it to cleanse data in Microsoft Access database tables.

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Why use /data.mill for Access®?

Microsoft Access® is a powerful tool to build your own database applications. When working with structured table data (e.g. customer addresses) it has several advantages compared to Microsoft Excel. /data.mill for Access® enhances Microsoft Access® by adding additional functions e.g. check and correct addresses, verify mobile numbers and many more. Other than /data.mill for Excel it contains ALL available /data.mill functions (as documented here). Download /data.mill for Access® to receive a ZIP-file containing a simple demo database that you can use to start cleansing data instantly. If you are an experienced Access® user you can also import the included VBA-modules into your own applications and thus give your users the power of the magic data machine.

How it works

Most of the functions of the /data.mill API return not only one but several result values.

Thus it is necessary to take a two-step approach. First step is to request information from the data.mill API and store the result (JSON text) into a database field (must be Memo type).
The second step is to retrieve the needed result fields from this field into your detail fields using a built-in JSON-parser.

/data.mill for Access® includes demo tables, demo data and demo update queries for each of the available /data.mill functions plus a step-by-step guide for installation and configuration so you can start instantly.

Please note that you need /data.mill credits for each request to the data.mill API, even demo data.

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What you need:

  • License of Microsoft Access (2013, 2016, 2019 or Office 365 subscription)
  • /data.mill account (register and get 1000 data.mill credits to start with)
  • LicenseID and GUID for your application (use the /data.mill account overview to create them)
  • Firewall security: allow outbound connections to

Familiar working environment

All functions are called directly within your familiar work environment in Microsoft Access®.

Comprehensible performance

You always have your origin data and the results visible and the ability to compare these.

Quick win experiences

You will get valuable results after only a few minutes, as the handling is very easy.

Updates included

You always get the latest version as a free download and thus always have access to the latest data and functionality of /data.mill.

What about GDPR / General Data Protection Regulation?

We don´t store any data you send to the data.mill API or any results that we send back to you. All network traffic is encrypted. From a legal perspective (Art. 4 GDPR) this is still "processing". Please contact us if you need a data processing contract (Art. 28 GDPR). Please use the contact form below.

The guideline of the General Data Protection Regulation can only be achieved with high-quality, complete, correct and up-to-date data.

How much is it?

You can download and install our solutions for Access, Excel and other platforms for free and when registering you get 1.000 credits to test all the features.
When retrieving information from the data.mill API credits are deducted from your data.mill account. You can fill up credits using our online shop that also contains a credit calculator to show you how many credits you will need for your application.

See our documentation for complete information about the credit price of each function.

/data.mill is the most powerful and versatile platform for all aspects of data quality.

Experience /data.mill in real time.

The standard functionality of /data.mill is always at your disposal and free of charge for testing.

The validation is performed in real time upon data entry. Your data won\'t be saved.

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