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Data quality is not a trend, but a lasting advantage.

Our specialists elaborate all necessary steps so that you benefit from the advantages of high-quality data.

As a result, you receive logically structured and correct data for further processing in marketing and sales.

5D method for sustainable data quality

  • data collection

    clean data where it originates

  • Data cleansing

    Standardization of spellings and content validation

  • Deduplication

    Finding duplicates with phonetic algorithms

  • data enrichment

    Enrichment with information from international databases (gender, address details, company information, etc.)

  • Data finalization

    Structuring the data in your system to optimize connected processes

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A practical example

The client operates a nationwide bonus program in which his customers register by means of a handwritten registration card. The cards are collected centrally and digitized by a service provider. The manual collection of data in combination with poorly legible manuscripts leads to a large number of erroneous data records. The database contains 234,832 records.

An analysis of the data revealed

Wrong addresses10.880 / 5% Wrong spelling12.657 / 6% Missing salutations31.784 / 14%
Missing names329 duplicates6.990 / 3% Test data19

€ 7.067,40

Shipping and handling savings*

* 150g shipment

A total of 18,218 records were determined, which were not suitable for a shipment. 3% of the submitted records were duplicates. The saved postage costs were sufficient to achieve the return on investment for the client with the first mailing. The long-term benefits of professional master data management(MDM) are not taken into account within this use case.

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