General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679

The first privacy law standardised within the European Union and what it means to your business.

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The first European-wide data protection law

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set the standards for the processing of personal data for all European companies. Since the Treaty of Lisbon, the protection of personal data has been a fundamental right for all citizens of the European Union. Due to this face the European Parliament passed a law that also contains a dramatic increase of the imposed fines to a maximum of 20 million Euro or 4% of the global turnover. Implementing GDPR compliant processes in a running business means a lot of work including IT preparation and implementing a Master Data Management strategy!

Check your company for compliance with the GDPR!

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Pay attention to the legality of the processing and the correct consent of the data subjects.

IT Security

Check your IT organisation for access protection, confidentiality, etc.


Document your data processes and your protection and correction measures.

Data Quality

Implement technical and organisational measures for sustainable validation and increase of your master data quality.

Protect your most valuable asset!

Your customer's data is valuable and customers are getting more sensitive when it comes to processing personal data. Take yourself on the tracks of the future today!

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Data Collection

Apply automatic validation and correction mechanisms upon data entry, e.g. in web forms or your CRM-/ERP system.

Data Cleansing

Typos in names, addresses, mobile numbers and even email addresses can be automatically identified with great reliability. Check your existing database for incomplete, incorrect and outdated data.

Check for Duplicates

Duplicates in your database prevent the 360° view of your customers and signify risks in the fulfillment of the affected rights of the GDPR. Find duplicates of your personal and company records.

Data Enrichment

Targeted marketing campaigns require the highest level of detail information. Enhance your master data with valuable additional information.

Data Governance

Even in a well maintained database data is aging due to renaming, relocations, new mobile numbers and more. Implement a periodically running technical inspection process to ensure sustained high data quality.

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