Data cleansing for your applications.

The unique interface for high-quality tuning of your customer database — independent of operation system, application and programming language.

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Software as a Service

/data.mill for applications is a web-based interface to check, correct and enrich personal data.

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The internationally applicable functions can easily be integrated into existing applications and thus enable you to professionally prepare your customer database, directly in your system.

Data management as a module

/data.mill for applications behaves like a module for your system. No additional infrastructure is required for use.

Transparent accounting

No setup fees, no subscription. You pay only what you use — for more transparency in billing.

Thousands of applications

The globally applicable functions can be easily integrated into any applications, whether desktop, online or mobile.

Updates included

Our interface is continuously updated with new correction and validation functions. Each function will be automatically enabled for you.

What about GDPR / General Data Protection Regulation?

We don´t store any data you send to the data.mill API or any results that we send back to you. All network traffic is encrypted. From a legal perspective (Art. 4 GDPR) this is still "processing". Please contact us if you need a data processing contract (Art. 28 GDPR). Please use the contact form below.

The guideline of the General Data Protection Regulation can only be achieved with high-quality, complete, correct and up-to-date data.

How much is it?

You can download and install our solutions for Access, Excel and other platforms for free and when registering you get 1.000 credits to test all the features.
When retrieving information from the data.mill API credits are deducted from your data.mill account. You can fill up credits using our online shop that also contains a credit calculator to show you how many credits you will need for your application.

See our documentation for complete information about the credit price of each function.

/data.mill is the most powerful and versatile platform for all aspects of data quality.

Experience /data.mill in real time.

The standard functionality of /data.mill is always at your disposal and free of charge for testing.

The validation is performed in real time upon data entry. Your data won\'t be saved.

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