Company related information

Extend your company related records with multiple business and marketing information.

Company name, address and tax number

Check the validity of UID numbers in real time and determine company name and address of companies within the European Union.

  • Europe-wide query

    Get access to the databases of all financial authorities within the European Union.

  • Company name and postal address

    Depending on the local data protection regulations, company name and address are added.

  • Law compliant

    Legal compilation of invoices by regular inspection (commercial due diligence).

  • Translation into 180+ languages

    The postal address will be translated into a freely selectable language at federal and provincial level.

Creditworthiness, annual turnover and other company data

Get detailed information about companies based on the D-U-N-S number or determine the D-U-N-S number of companies worldwide.

  • Company information

    Get the company's name, postal address, the CEO's name and number of employees.

  • Annual turnover and net profit

    Get the annual turnover and net profit of companies in US Dollars.

  • Creditworthiness

    Get information about the creditworthiness of companies using the Dun & Bradstreet rating.


  • You pay only what you use

  • No subscription or fixed costs

  • Performance based payment

In order to enable the payment of different currencies, we have introduced a system based on credit balance as payment for the individual functions. The currency of the account is called /data.mill credits. Your /data.mill credits have no expiration date.

Premium 500.000 /data.mill credits

Enterprise S 1.000.000 /data.mill credits

Enterprise L 5.000.000 /data.mill credits

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