First and Last name

Facilitate the creation of the correct salutation by simply separating first and last name into their own columns.

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Separate First and Last name

Male / Female

Determine the gender based on the first name considering country specific peculiarities (e.g. Andrea Italy / Germany).

Technical Description

The function detects all first names within a text (e.g. the full name of a person) and extracts them. Commonly the first and last name are interchanged or written in the same column. This function is a convenient and straightforward way to split all first names from the last name.

Recognize the gender of any first name based on the consideration of cultural differences (e.g. the residence). For many first names both gender (male and female) are possible depending on the residence and place of birth. The name "Andrea" is mostly male in Italy while being female in the German-speaking region. "Kim" is mostly female in Germany and male in Korea. Keep your contact forms simple and let us recognize the gender for you.

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