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/data.mill online is a collection of essential functions to validate, correct and enrich personal data and company information right in your web browser.

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/data.mill online is simply to operate and sticks to highest data privacy standards. The data transfer is secure and your queries are not stored.

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Use /data.mill to validate, correct and enrich personal data and company information. Worldwide and in realtime.

One system for everything

Check all your customer data in one system – to level up your data quality.

Transparent accounting

No setup fees, no subscription. You pay only what you use — for more transparency in billing.

Easy to use

/data.mill online operates in your web browser. You do not need to install any software.

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GDPR 2016/679 compliant.

The guideline of the General Data Protection Regulation can only be achieved with high-quality, complete, correct and up-to-date data.

Prepare yourself for the impact of the European General Data Protection Regulation now and bring your company the decisive step forward.

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Focus on humans.

Mindfulness, respect and responsibility in dealing with personal data make customer and partner relationships more accurate and strengthen them positively.

Human Data Responsibility embodies the responsibility a company has in dealing with data.

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/data.mill is the most powerful and versatile platform for all aspects of data quality.

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The standard functionality of /data.mill is always at your disposal and free of charge for testing.

The validation is performed in real time upon data entry. Your data won't be saved.

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